Bo Stief Krister Jonsson Duo. "Nordic Root". 

The world famous and respected Danish bass player and composer, Bo Stief, is now leading a new duo. Bo Stief "Nordic Root" is the title of Stief's new musical top meeting with swedish guitarplayer Krister Jonsson.
An alternative, outgoing and relevant meeting between two virtuoso musicians, who share a wish of a sound with roots in impressionism and to play the game it is to play together. The modern nordic mind, temper, taste, attitude, aesthetics and peculiarity are the basic inspiration.
The two original musicians will create a soundtrack to where we live and the time we live in. An ear witness story. A soundtrack which does not confess in genres and which is based on the 2 artists´ openness, versatility and desire to play contemporary and vivid music. The music is based on universal terms as atmosphere, audio pictures, beauty, vitality, easiness, sense of humor, variation, ensemble playing and personal creativity.
The passion for creating as well composed, as spontaneous improvised music is the foundation of the common spirit between these musicians – a unity that aims at giving the audience an experience. Bo Stief "Nordic Root is a soundtrack to NOW.

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